Thai Smile Airways Coupon codes June 2024

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In the years following its inception, Thai Airways embarked on an aggressive expansion strategy. In doing so, they established and acquired subsidiaries in the aviation industry operating ground handling services and catering, among others. In 2011, Thai Airways created a new subsidiary geared toward low-cost operations at a point when other airlines were struggling with high fuel prices. Named THAI Smile after winning a contest that saw over 2,200 entries from Thai people living around the world, this low-cost operation was expected to take two years to reach profitability. Also, try Budgetair Coupon Code on our website.

Thai Smile Airways Coupon Codes FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I pay Thai Smile Airways?

You are able to pay using Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, and Alipay via the payment portal and QR code. Please choose a payment method that suits your needs and you can also make the payment via each bank’s own service and WeChat app. Any fees that are charged for this will be collected by us directly as stated in their conditions of use agreement with the booking agency or venue where you’ve sought to hold an event. However, these terms and conditions may vary from one agency/service provider to another.

Can I refund the tickets and will there be any fee?

You can get a refund but it will have to be prepared in a certain way. 500 baht for domestic flights and 1500 baht for international flights: go and check the terms of your tickets!

Can I bring pets on board?

According to Thai Smile Airline’s website, the airline does not accept animals as baggage. The website says that they do not allow live animals to be transported on their flights, with the exception of service animals used to assist people with disabilities.

How to contact Thai Smile Airways?

For any urgent concerns, their Smile Contact Center at 02-118-8888 or 1181 can be reached round the clock and all of their email addresses can be found on Seat61, so please feel free to contact them through any means of communication. They’ve created social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where you can follow us and send direct messages if needed.

How to use the Thai Smile Airways Coupon Codes during checkout?

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