Passagens Promo Discount Codes April 2024

passagens promo Promo Codes 2024: Gangacoupons searched the web and found this deal for you. Passagens Promo has a travel discount that is valid until Sunday, 21st April 2024. With this coupon, you can get a Passagens Promo Discount Codes on traveling when booking your flights through Passagens Promo. So visit the website to save money today. They are offering up to 35% off on their tickets.

Passagens Promo is an e-commerce platform for airline tickets at the best prices, and physical tickets online. They also offer travelers tips and destination information before their trip. PassagensPromo is in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and they specialize in airline tickets, E-commerce sales, Traveler’s tips before the plane ride, and Leisure and offline sales.

Passagens Promo Discount Codes FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Promo Tickets reliable?

As a result of the Internet, consumers can shop online to ensure they are getting quality e-commerce and also helping the company grow. Retailers operating in the market since 2015 and winning awards such as LATAM’s. They have an excellent reputation which is why they have their own seal of 1000 on Reclame Aqui.

What are the payment methods of passagens promo?

There are many payment methods when it comes to passagens promo. For credit card holders, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and more. Bank transfers are also an option.

How to get a refund from passagens promo?

If you did submit your refund request and want to track the status of your refund, email Promo Tickets and they will let you know if the airline has refunded you or if it is still pending. Refunds are made by the airline to your credit card company; this doesn’t go through PromoTickets. In these cases, it is important to remember that after the airline acknowledges and processes their part of the refund, your credit card company may take another 90-120 days to process, so it may be a while before your statement reflects the charge as being fulfilled.

How can I contact passagens promo?

If you are not satisfied with their answer and want to straighten out your problem, please contact the Brazilian call center at +55 4000 1135. Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and [email protected].
passagens Promo Discount codes
Passagens Promo Discount Codes