MaxMilhas Coupon Codes July2024

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MaxMilhas Coupon Codes FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

How do I change my flight in case of illness?

If the traveler has a serious or infectious disease, it is possible to request a ticket change. 
But each airline has its own rules for canceling or changing the date of travel free of charge.
To place an order with the airline, we need the following documents :
– Copy of the traveler’s identity document, if it is a domestic flight.
– Copy of the 1st page and the back of the passport, if it is an international flight.
– Copy of the medical certificate with the ICD of the disease (International Disease Code).

How do I cancel or rebook my ticket?

If you have purchased a ticket through MaxMilhas and want to know the conditions for canceling or rescheduling the trip, just access the My Trips area on our website, identify the ticket you want, click on 
Manage trip and then on Rules of the tariff.

How is the cancellation and rebooking of a ticket on MaxMilhas?

Each airline has specific rules for canceling and rescheduling trips, which change according to the fare, date of purchase, flight date, origin, and destination.
As MaxMilhas intermediates the sale of tickets, we follow the rules of each fare to request the change of the trip with the company.
If you want to consult the conditions of cancellation and rebooking of a ticket on MaxMilhas before purchasing it, make a simulation of purchase on our website.